As speakeasies go, ours is a blind tiger of a different stripe (and a rooster of a different feather, of course). Intimate, lush, and dimly lit, Subcentral is a feast for the senses, with quite a storied history. According to legend, the space began in the Prohibition era as an underground Fado house, spilling over with music, and playing host to Portuguese gangsters, glittering dancing girls, and the finest cocktails this side of the colonies.

The tradition continues today, with elements redolent of its origins, including our rather friendly resident ghost (we are slightly haunted, so don’t forget to say hello!). Here, you’ll find delicious – and potentially dangerous (yet always entertaining) hand-crafted cocktails, a delicious late-night menu, and entertainment designed to fit whatever mood you’re in (depending on the day), from dazzling burlesque performances to jazz quartets belting old school stride-swing standards, to silent film (with live piano accompaniment, of course), and artfully curated storytelling events, where you might even find yourself center stage.