Upcoming Events:

1/21 9pm Market Underground and Open Mic

1/22 9pm Open Mic Comedy

1/23 11:45pm Fresh Start Drag

1/24 9pm Venus Fly Trap

1/25 9pm Brazilian Night

1/26 11am; 12:30pm; 2pm
Drag Queen Brunch

1/26 Geri X & Kerry Courtney

1/27 8pm Karaoke & Lip Sync Battle

1/28 9pmMarket Underground and Open Mic

1/29 9pm Open Mic Comedy

1/30 11:45pmFresh Start Drag

1/31 9pm House Cats

2/1 9pm Foundation First Friday

2/2 11am; 12:30am; 1pm  Drag Queen Brunch

       10pm  We've Got You Covered

2/3 8pm Karaoke & Lip Sync

2/4 9pm Market Underground & Open Mic

2/5 9pm Open Mic Comedy

2/6 11:45pm Fresh Start Drag

2/7 Hep Cat Club Swing Dance

2/9 9pm Joyce Muniz (Vienna) in the Basement

2/9 6pm Hamilton Party 

2/9 10pm Drunken Broadway

2/11 7pm Classical Revolution

2/13 7pm True Stories

2/14 8pm Cupid is Stupid:
Male Revue

2/14 10:30pm Soul Sessions

2/15 9pm Hearts & Tarts Burlesque

2/15 11pm Communion After Dark

2/16 9pm Salsa in the Burg

2/21 9pm Art and Soul

2/22 9pm Brazilian Night

2/27 7pm Nerd Night

2/28 9pm Venus Fly Trap

Like our fb page@iberianroostersubcentral for the details and updated events!!